Transfer, 2001

Palm Beach ICA
Site- specific installation
with halogen lights, lens, plexiglass screen, fiber-optic cable, tinsel, pinwheels, fans, mirrored ball, mylar, mirror, tape, objects found on site, existing architecture


  An overview - An installation in a storage closet projects into the gallery as a moving image and a fiberoptic transmission.



  Inside the storage closet I installed mylar, mirrors, pinwheels, fans, and bright light admist what was already there.



  Around the corner in the gallery, A lens imbedded in the wall projects the events in the closet onto a screen as a moving image.



  The image on the screen.



  Inside the storage closet, I found this tiny door which led to a crawl space under the building. I wanted to send a light signal from this most intimate part of the building to the public gallery space.



  The cable travels out the door, up two flights of stairs and projects a pulsing light signal into a corner on the second floor gallery space.



  The transmission of the light signal from under the building.





Art in America, 2002