In Harmonicity, the Tonal Walkway, 2016

20 channel soundtrack 13.40 minutes, custom software, electronics, speakers integrated into existing architecture

Site-specific, long-term installation, Mass MOCA, North Adams, MA

The footbridge is alive with voices that move with visitors as they walk through. The wiring and speakers are integrated inside the tunnel structure and are not visible. The soundtrack is made entirely of human voice: singing, spoken word and sustained microtones from recordings of 11 professional and 12 un-professional singers. The 20 channel composition utilizes the 150+ foot length of the tunnel to “throw” sound back and forth, creating aural illusions with distant and proximate spatial harmonies. The 13:40 minute sound loop pans constantly through the space. Visitors’ perception of the sound changes depending on their location in the tunnel, and the speed at which they move through it.