Link/Line, 2001

Site-specific, interactive installation
Commissioned by the Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, PA

60,000 feet of red thread, 93 community volunteers

A continuous line of red thread was run 4.5 miles through the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. On its route the thread line went through a school, churches, synagogues, an army reserve barracks, places of business and private homes that volunteered to "host" it. Hosts provided a home for the thread while serving as watch-keepers over its safety, tending their designated section of thread for the duration of the exhibition by retying it in the event of breakage.

The piece was made for a show responding to a series of hate crimes in the city. Due to the show's context, I wanted to make a piece that occurred directly within the community, beyond the walls of the museum, something that entered people's everyday existence and brought an opportunity for mental or physical action.